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What Is The Real Estate Agent Mastermind?
I remember being a brand new real estate agent and wondering, "how the heck do I get people to work with?" ... who was going to let me sell a home to them, let alone list what is the biggest asset they own?

Funny story... I started out my real estate career SURE that I was going to be a buyers agent! I had set up a website that promised free relocation guides and lots of info about the area and YAY... I got my first client, a buyer, named Sheila. She is a super awesome lady who was getting a home for her family, and I was PUMPED! I was going to love being a buyers agent, I was sure of it!

Come to find out, she was one of only two buyers I ever sold. I HATED being a buyers agent, schlepping people around in my car, showing them great homes, only to have them say, "it just doesn't f-e-e-l right. Or they would run me around and then buy a FSBO. 

To heck with that!

And then I went on my first listing appointment. I sat down and flailed around, a bumbling idiot, but I KNEW from that day on, I LOVED being a listing agent. They signed a contract and I did work for them. I could help them price right, market it right and help close the deal with my relationships with other agents. 

Over the next three years I grew my business from 0 listings to 52 listings, becoming one of the 10% for sales in my office of 180 agents. 

The Real Estate Agent Mastermind membership site is what I wished I would have had before becoming a big dog listing agent. It has videos and books and worksheets to help you figure out your niche, how to take listings and generally how to be a successful listing agent. 

I would love the chance to teach you all of the things that you need to feel confident (even if you hate sales or don't know what to say to your potential listings)

Sign up today and get started on the path to being a top listing agent!

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